A new evolution in the "reworld" sound, "Crush" is a vocal-driven album featuring nearly 20 guest artists from India, Jamaica, West Africa, and beyond.

welcome to the machine: classic rock remixed (2012)

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Telepath-style  remixes of some of the greatest rock songs of the 1970s.

Copyright 2015 Telepath. All rights reserved. 

The new album explores space-rock, progressive rock and psychedelia - taking the listener on a journey both inward and outward.

sYStem sounds 02  (2013)

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A mixtape featuring personal favorites from the 1970s through the 2000s, plus several brand new Telepath remixes!

fire one  (2006)

"Fire One" blends sounds from Jamaica, India, and the Middle East with organic downtempo instrumental backing to create Telepath's "reworld" sound.

Contact  (2008)

12 instrumental tracks that feature instruments from around the world combined with Telepath's signature

organic beats and international percussion.

The Remixes (2010)

Michael remixes several of his own tracks, plus tracks by STS9 and Lotus. Also features remixes of Telepath tracks by other artists.

An album full of dirty, swampy blues riffs, heavy organic beats, and soulful vocal samples.

organic  (2001)

         ***FREE DOWNLOAD***        Before switching to the artist name "Telepath", Michael explored groove-based organ jazz/funk and played all instruments himself on this fun instrumental album.

system sounds 01  (2009)

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A Telepath mixtape featuring personal favorites from the 1970s through the 2000s.

three olives (2005)

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'Three Olives' is an album inspired by (and often sampling) the sounds of early 1960's lounge music.

above the noise:

music to still the moment  (2013)

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Ambient, minimalist landscapes that bring the listener fully into the present moment.